Childcare Marathons Are Hard

Childcare Marathons Are Hard

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Justin Nearing
The kid is back to school after the winter holiday break. Hoo-boy did I find it tough by the end.

Shout out to the Early Childcare Educators out there: Hot damn it’s hard.

For me, entering and maintaining “kid mode” requires a ton of brain power.

I’m a good dad, but I have to work for it, and by like week 2 of a childcare marathon and I’m braindead as a MF.

Be Present

This is the secret to parenting.

It’s all there is.

The more in the moment you can be, the better a parent you are.

By being present- right here, right now- you attune yourself to your child.

When you are in sync with your child, you can observe and guide your child’s behavior.

Guided behavior prevents destructive behavior.

What I can’t do is work and be a parent.

Especially the kind of creative focus work that takes the majority of my time.

And I get real antsy if I’m not doing that creative focus work for too long.

So I’m glad the kid is back to school.

I joke that I’d have a different opinion on child labor if there wasn’t a public school system.

Because I don’t have what it takes to be a professional parent.

So to the fulltime, professional parents out there: Y’all need a pay raise.

Because hot damn it’s hard.