Curiosity Pays The Cat

Curiosity Pays The Cat

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Justin Nearing

I've been in a funk the past few weeks.

You know that late winter, everything's-a-bit-harder, can’t-seem-to-turn-it-on productivity slog?

That's been me.

It happens, being human means productivity peaks and valleys.

But when you're in that valley, or want to stay at that peak, keep it simple:

Stay Curious

The mental act of inquiring how the world works is the core of a growth mindset.

You can’t have all the answers, but you can get more by asking more questions.

And when the questions you’re asking are things you are truly interested in:

You tumble down a path of expertise.

The theme of this article provides an excuse to look at cat pictures. It brings joy.
The theme of this article provides an excuse to look at cat pictures. It brings joy.

Curiosity == Expertise

The funny thing about most jobs is that it’s a wonder anything works at all.

Being curious allows you to learn the janky mess that is how your organization actually operates.

Once you start probing different aspects of your job, you identify gaps in ownership.

Those gaps become your expertise.

That kind of expertise makes you as indispensable as it does effective.

Curiosity is the easiest way to deepen your expertise on any subject matter- thus makes you a better subject matter expert.

That works for hobbies, parenting, personal health- everything.

The more things you can be curious about, the more you are applying a growth mindset.

Ok this is just excessive…
Ok this is just excessive…

Curiosity is Infectious

Cynicism is the most devastating thing that can happen to your organization.

No matter how bad a situation might be, the cynic immediately saps all creativity, ownership, and communication.

And it's infectious, spreading throughout an organization like wildfire.

Curiosity does the same thing, but with the completely opposite effect.

It defines creativity, expands ownership, and opens lines of communication.

On your team, be curious about this dynamic.

Are your colleagues curious, interested, apathetic, cynical, hostile, confused, bored?

If you notice negative traits on your teams, be curious:

Find out where that negativity is coming from.

Curiosity Pays The Cat

We live in a world that increasingly values productivity.

No one wants to hold your hand, you need to actively seek out the next thing to do.

Hell, you need to actively seek how to get that next thing done faster.

If you stay curious, you will be more productive,

If you are more productive, you will achieve more.

The more you achieve the further you will go.

Curiosity pays the cat.

Satisfaction brings it back.