Music Platform Spawner

Music Platform Spawner

Justin Nearing

This one ended up being super quick. Completed in about an hour!



Following the success of the Audio Trigger Experiment , we now have a core gameplay element that we should continue to lean into.

The intuitive next step for the Music Platform is the ability to spawn new Music platforms in world space.

The resulting game mechanic is a world where the player can make a simple little tune.

To fully flesh out a “Simple little tune” that humans find exciting/interesting/replayable is staggeringly complex. From BPM to melodic structures to multiple instrumentation- a lot of complexity on the development side is required.

And this is literally just the notes that can appear for the notes

Exponential complexity aside, let us remain focused on the exact next step. One day we’ll be able to really sink our teeth into building an excellent music theory engine for our game, but there are more critical elements- simpler ones too- which is needed before we go hard into the paint.

What If

What if there was a Music Platform Spawner that spawned platforms in the world?

Create a spawner actor that spawns Music Platforms

What if the Spawner spawned objects in front of the player?

Get player controller Z axis rotation
Get player world position
Random range distance from player where the object will be spawned

What if the Spawner randomly selected a music note to play for each spawned platform?

Random selection

This eventually gets replaced with a Music Theory Engine. For the purposes of this task, we’ll just randomly select one of the 7 notes in the Dm scale.

What if the Spawner created each music platform after the player steps on a platform?

Time delay for spawner
Music platform sends some kind of trigger event Spawner listens for when stepped on
What I ended up actually doing is have the Music Platform destroy itself after being stepped on and play its music cue


  • Spawning objects should be relatively simple
  • Scope should be very appropriate.
    • I expect the hardest part is spawning in front of the player, but I am certainly not the first person to have this particular use case.
  • On completing this, a very rough endless tune runner should be working.