Multiple Spawned Music Platforms

Justin Nearing

Currently we have a single platform spawned in front of the player. It plays a note. Dope.

I want to change this to have a row of Platforms providing a choice of Notes.

The chosen Notes are recorded into state, and are used by the Music Theory Engine to generate musical patterns using the notes chosen by the Player.

Effectively turning the Player into the conductor of a musical composition.

Storing notes in state, in a method by which musical patterns can generated, will take quite a bit of engineering design.

But! We can do the easy parts first- present the choice of music platforms.


Add the ability to spawn multiple Music Platforms
Where a single music platform is currently spawned, spawn an additional n platforms offset from the current centered one.
Platforms should appear in a line ahead of where the user is looking
All platforms should be destroyed when one is selected
Platforms should destroy themselves after a set amount of time
  • This is for the case where the platforms are missed for some reasons


Refactor SpawnPool
  • Currently its a messy BP that generates all supported scales for a tonic.
  • We need to refactor to allow for different kinds of spawn pools
All Generated Scales
Maintain what we currently have
Each 12 Notes
To set Tonic
Nature of 3rd
Given a tonic, define major/minor/sus 3rd
Mode Selection
Given a tonic, define a mode based on scale degree shenan
Create a Notes Array in code for convenience
Create a Scales Array in code for convenience
BP shouldn’t be much more than a switch for what kind of SpawnPool is needed?