Idea: Automated Instrument Export Workflow

Justin Nearing

This was originally a tangent I went on while designing Procedurally Generated Symphonies

Essentially I seek to automate the export of instruments from Ableton in an automated way.


Determinitive Construction

In theory, the list of supported instruments can be determined by walking all sound cues, deconstructing the names of to create the map above.

I am not too sure about walking assets for built games though.

If I don’t do that then its a workflow issue:

  1. Open Ableton
  2. Load desired instrument into track
  3. Set each note for all supported octaves
  4. Export each note as a sound file
  5. Convert each note into a Sound Cue
  6. Open IDE
  7. Add Cue to Constructed Note Cue Map.

Again, we’re talking about 60 cues for an instrument that’s supported across 5 octaves. That’s a lot of gruntwork. Which I guess isn’t the end of the world but still, Im a lazy sot.

I wonder if there’s a way to generate code. Write some custom Editor tool that will walk a dev filepath, break out the mapping into some kind of struct or something and inject to somewhere with a .h and .cpp wrapping.