Idea: Visible Light Trigger

Justin Nearing



Orchestras are tuned to A = 440 hrz

Visible Light wavelengths from 380-750 nm

Stars get their color from the elements they burn.

E5 is 659.25 hrz

Red is 625-750 nm

Therefore, by the power of arbitrary correlation, E5 is red.

But wait, there’s more!

Invoking the power of arbitrary correlation, we can associate the color to atomic matter.

Hydrogen stars burn red.

E5 is hydrogen.

Gone a bit mad scientist on this one.


I am thinking of triggers that can fire when music platform is triggered.

One trigger is to set a color mapped to that note.

I am interested in what colors appear if I map the visible light spectrum to 12tet music notes tuned to A440


F = Violet - Red

C = Green

G = Violet - Red

D = Yellow

A =

E = Red

B = Cyan

Could spawn colored bubbles when hit a platform

Could spawn Hydrogen.

Have no idea what spawning units of hydrogen gives you.

But it is a cracked way of adding resources to the game.

Based on this:


Helium = Green = C

Carbon = Cyan = B

Iron = Yellow / Blue / Violet = D A F G

Calcium = Violet = F G A

Oxygen = Yellow / Green = C D

Sodium = Yellow / Red = C E

Hydrogen = Red = E F G

Hydrogen + Oxygen = Water

Water = Red + Yellow / Green = E F G + C D

Cracked, I know.

Real mad scientist vibes.

But bro, I'm here for it.

Spawning colored bubbles is a legit task. A colored particle spraying confetti triggered when you make contact.

But all Im saying is if I wanted to mess with large units of resources for some reason.

There's a connection, man.