Crane does editing pass; karate

May 19, 2024

So today was cool as shit.

Im visiting in-laws, and got a chance to do karate outside in the big front yard.

Pinan’s, Niahanchi’s , Wan Shu/Can.

I didn’t get through more, because my kid came outside and wanted to adventure. So I adventured with him.

Anyways, in-laws have a big pile of cleared brush they’re only allowed to burn in small quantities, and the brush consisted of young, mostly branchless tree trunks.

Hoo-boy did I have a blast playing with those trees.

Ranging from rapier to big chonking quarter-staff, I swung those sticks around like I was in the Last Battle.

They were pretty light, so I swung and chopped and used my karate training in full force.

It felt like it looked impressive.

Certainly my kid thought it looked cool.

Karate training is fun.