2024 Hype

2024 Hype

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Justin Nearing
The past few years have gone a bit like this:
I was not prepared
I made my moves
I kept marching through
I was not OK

It’s been a few years since I’ve been genuinely excited for the coming year.

Since Covid, its been one hell of a ride.

I rolled with each punch, making big changes to keep my family safe and healthy.

That meant working myself to the bone.

I’ve always believed that hard work pays dividends, and I am so grateful that I’ve been able to take a break.

After a few months to reset I’ve come roaring back.

I am PUMPED for 2024.

One of the big takeaways for me during this time off is that I need to build things.

I got that dog in me, as the kids say:

  • I started building LETSGOLETSGO in October.
    • I didn’t have any lofty goals, I just had to do something creative and productive.
  • Started documenting the creative process, creating some of my best written work.

I’ve built some of my best work in 2023.

I fully expect 2024 to blow that work out of the water.

2024 Goals

Make LETSGOLETSGO a playable game.

  • Move it from light prototype to a vertical slice of a game.
  • Continue documenting the journey
  • Learn the C++

Release an EP

  • So far I’ve produced about 30 minutes of original music
  • In 2024 I want to release my unpublished music as part of an EP
  • I expect exactly zero listeners, but I think its dope as hell to have self-published an honest-to-God music album.

Start teaching karate

  • I dont talk about it too much, mostly because its not in the digital realm, but I’ve been practicing karate for over a decade
  • Honestly the thing I hate most about Covid is that I probably would have been a black belt if not for it. (I’m currently 3rd kyu - brown belt)
  • Regardless, the best way for me to progress any further is to start teaching.

Start Livestreaming my creative work

  • I’ve been slowly building towards becoming a streamer.
  • Streaming professionally is one hell of a grind. Stream, edit, publish, every single day.
  • Doing it professionally is probably not for me, but streaming while I work on my projects seems like a great step. I really believe in building out in the open and everything I’ve built so far is accessible on the internet.
Late addition: Publish 50 articles on jerkytreats.dev This is basically publishing once a week. Aiming for 1000 words. Any topic. Just keep publishing.

And that’s just the stuff in my personal life. Professionally I’m hoping for a big year as well. My skills, confidence and experience is at an all time high- I’ve never been more productive in my life.

2024 is going to be a big one.

I am SO ready.