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November 29, 2023
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Continued procrastinating on Procedurally Generated Symphonies but ended up working 2 hours editing the wiki.

Organized folder structure and did a full edit pass on Building A Music Engine

Happy with the work, I'm confident Building A Music Engine is my best written work. Definitely hard to top, quipping upon esoteric engineering design principles. Unreal C++ is legitimately hilarious and informative.

However, I'm still procrastinating on the critical path. I want to show legit progress so I can make another video update.

Although it was a different kind of procrastination. Procrastination through distraction.

But I do have a clearer task now: Implement a custom GameState and GameMode and start throwing arbitrary values in there.

Then connect MasterClock to the state.

I might also consider having some observer/observable pattern being triggered here. GameMode/MasterClock triggers clockStarted event once the Quartz ClockHandle is set in GameState.

Subscribers subscribe on BeginPlay to read the MasterClock, then do their work once set.

I like the Observer pattern. I find it straightforward to reason about how objects communicate with each other. Objects just listening for other objects announcements and acting on it. It's clean.