Completed “Bootstrap Quartz Clock”

December 17, 2023
Parent item

Paperwork for Bootstrap Quartz Clock

Merged the PR associated. Also ran the cleanup task.

Changed “Note Containers” to no longer be In-Progress

It is now called Procedurally Generated Symphonies in the Design folder. I am now to use it as an Epic. Systems within it have been created:

Completed: Bootstrap Quartz Clock

To-Do: Bootstrap Stored Musical State and Multiple Spawned Music Platforms

Refined the requirements for both. I’ll probably hit Multiple Spawned Music Platforms because it should be easier to complete than the others and after Pointers Are Hard it’d be nice to have an easy go.

But I’m excited for Bootstrap Stored Musical State because that’s where the juice is.

Also means I’ll have to buy Rider license. Jerks got me.